Professional Goalkeeper Gloves ONEKEEPER Solid Robusto Green and Black Fusion Cut special for Turf or Artificial Grass gk
Professional Goalkeeper Gloves ONEKEEPER Solid Robusto Green and Black Fusion Cut special for Turf or Artificial Grass gk
Professional Goalkeeper Gloves ONEKEEPER Solid Robusto Green and Black Fusion Cut special for Turf or Artificial Grass gk
ONEKEEPER SOLID Robusto - Professional Level Goalkeeper Glove - ONEKEEPER USA

ONEKEEPER SOLID Robusto for Artificial Grass - Professional-Level Goalkeeper Gloves

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ONEKEEPER Solid Robusto

The ONEKEEPER Solid Robusto is an all-round goalkeeper glove and exceptionally good on artificial grass. This glove has an extra protection layer on the palm for more durability.
Finger Type Fusion Cut
Size 8 up to 12
Latex + thickness German Contact Latex | 3.5 mm
Grip Properties Dry weather conditions to moderate rain
Wrist Closure Single Strap
Anti Slip Inside the Glove Yes
Punch Zone Yes
Removable Fingersave


The Grip

The ONEKEEPER Solid models use the German Contact Latex for excellent grip in dry weather conditions to moderate rain.  Contact is a latex that delivers pro-grade grip in dry conditions while still performing very well in the wet. 

Contact latex is the highest tier of latex that a goalkeeper’s glove palms can contain. Many professional goalkeepers rely on this latex type during match days, as it provides the absolute best grip levels in dry playing conditions and great ball control in wet weather.

The German Contact Latex is strong and can last longer than the other foams. The foam comes with a plastic layer to stay fresh. Remove the plastic layer in advance, as it takes ample time for this.

Extra protective layer for durable goalkeeper gloves

The glove has an extra protective layer on the palm for durable goalkeeper gloves. Combining the German Contact latex and the extra-protective layer will make the glove last longer.

Excellent for goalkeepers with a lot of damage and tear on their palms.

Finger Type

The Fusion finger type (also known as hybrid roll) combines the best of the traditional and highly popular roll finger on the top and the flat finger on the bottom.

The Fusion finger type is a half-round finger on the top that turns into a flat finger on the bottom, ensuring excellent comfort when goalkeeping. The round part ensures that the grip at the fingertips is optimal.

Wrist Closure

This is the glove portion that meets with the wrist or forearm of the goalkeeper. The bandage or non-elastic single-strap wrist closure wraps securely around your wrist, providing superior wrist support.

Anti-slip Technology

The ONEkeeper Fusion Robusto is equipped with an anti-slip inside the glove. The anti-slip prevents the fingers from sliding into the glove. The best anti-slip effect is when the hand is damp from perspiration from goalkeeping. This ensures direct contact between the hand, the foam, and the ball. Therefore, your hand and fingers will not shift when catching the ball. This gives an excellent goalkeeper experience!

Rubber Punch Zone

The ONEKEEPER Fusion Robusto has a rubber punch zone on the knuckles (backhand of the gloves). This punch zone ensures you can box the ball further away if you cannot get the ball. Because we have further developed the punch zone, it does not hinder the movement of the glove.

Removable finger-safe Spines

If desired, these goalkeeper gloves can be equipped with removable finger-safe spines. On the product page above, you can indicate whether you want to order goalkeeper gloves without finger-safe or goalkeeper gloves with finger-safe. The finger-safe is added to the back of the gloves. If you order the goalkeeper gloves with finger-safe, you can remove the finger-safe yourself. If desired, the finger-safe spines can be placed back in the goalkeeper's gloves.

ONEKEEPER goalkeeper gloves

The ONEkeeper gloves are made with the utmost care and craftsmanship in the details. In addition, all stitching seams on the ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves are double-stitched, making the gloves extra strong.

Extra advice for a longer lifespan

Do you have a lot of wear and tear on the palm of your goalkeeper gloves?

This occurs when you contact the (artificial) grass and push yourself off with your palm to get up. Avoid contact with your palm on the (artificial) grass as much as possible. Put yourself off with the outside of the gloves by making a fist. This ensures that your gloves last longer.


Do you have doubts about your size for the ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves? Then view our size chart in the Attachments on this page. In 4 easy steps, you can immediately determine your size and order your new ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves!

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact details at the bottom of the website.

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