About us

Since 2013, ONEKEEPER has been a trusted supplier of top-quality goalkeeper products at a fair price. We are dedicated to innovation, constantly introducing new types of goalkeeper gloves and enhancing our collection annually. What sets us apart is our Cutting-edge Technology and Player-Tested and Approved process. Our commitment to customer service is the cornerstone of our success.

Over the past year, ONEKEEPER has made remarkable strides in the US market. We are proud to have established strong relationships with emerging talents shaping the country's soccer future. Particularly in South Florida, our gloves have been embraced by the soccer community, a testament to their quality and performance.

At ONEKEEPER, we believe in the fact that everybody should be able to get access to top-quality gloves, and our journey is marked by helping the goalkeeper community to get professional-level goalkeeper gloves at an affordable price. Join us in the pursuit of excellence, where every goalkeeper can access the best materials for a top-notch performance.

ONEKEEPER USA is an authorized distributor of the Dutch brand ONEKEEPER.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be ready to provide you with the best service and advice. You can contact us via:

E-mail: sales@onekeeperusa.com
Phone number: +1 (754) 837-2820
Facebook: @onekeeperusa
Instagram: @onekeeperusa
ONEKEEPER history:

Arjen de Vries' dream became reality in 2012, when his own goalkeeper glove brand was founded under the name ONEKEEPER. The idea to start your own goalkeeper glove brand had been around for a long time. After several years of development and testing, they finally arrived in 2013: the ONEKEEPER Pro Classic models. The renewed version of the first Pro Classic models that ONEKEEPER brought to the market are also still available.

During development, various top keepers have helped with their expertise to ensure that the goalkeeper gloves are of high quality. The best materials from all over the world were collected and factory assembled into the ONEKEEPER Pro Classic.

Now that ONEKEEPER had entered the market with the Pro Classic models, Arjen de Vries knew that further development had to be done. This is how the developments of the Fusion models started and the Pro Classic models were further developed.

Fusion models were introduced in January 2015. The Fusion models have a different finger type and with this ONEKEEPER responds to the needs of the target group.
In 2016, the Pro Classic and Fusion models were further developed, using new materials and an anti-slip on the inside. In addition to the development of the gloves, a lot of hard work was done behind the scenes on a ONEKEEPER clothing line.

Since the beginning of 2017 ONEKEEPER has its own clothing line, so that we can now provide the keepers with almost all his / her necessities.
There is more to come, because developments never stop at ONEKEEPER.

At the end of 2017, ONEKEEPER launched the C-Tec models. The C-Tec models are equipped with a negative finger type. This means that all seams are stitched inwards, this ensures that the glove fits closer to the fingers, which is more comfortable.

At the end of 2018, ONEKEEPER introduced the most revolutionary and innovative glove to date, the ONEKEEPER Iconic. The ONEKEEPER Iconic is equipped with the negative finger type. The fact that there is no wrist strap on it makes this glove very revolutionary. This makes the glove feel like a second skin around the hand

In the summer of 2020, ONEKEEPER made major changes to the Pro Classic collection, these were made in a more modern design with the new innovative materials such as a new backing that extends up to the wrist. In addition, the C-Tec glove has been given a major upgrade, making the glove even better around the hand and giving it a unique goalkeeper experience!

And a lot more news to come soon !!