ONEKEEPER Viper Gold Negative Cut Strap or Strapless
ONEKEEPER Viper Gold Negative Cut Strap or Strapless
ONEKEEPER Viper Gold Negative Cut Strap or Strapless
ONEKEEPER Viper Gold Negative Cut Strap or Strapless
ONEKEEPER Viper Gold Negative Cut Strap or Strapless
ONEKEEPER Viper Gold Negative Cut Strap or Strapless
Strap or Strapless Negative Cut  Pro-Level Goalkeeper Gloves- ONEKEEPER Viper Gold and White

Strap or Strapless Negative Cut Pro-Level Goalkeeper Gloves- ONEKEEPER Viper Gold and White

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ONEKEEPER Viper - Strap or Strapless

The ONEKEEPER Viper is a modern negative-cut goalkeeper glove with pro-German contact latex for exceptional grip.  Removable strap to go strapless for more freedom, or use the strap for more security.

The gk glove is slim fit, lighter than the traditional glove, and has an easy entry at the wrist. In collaboration with our professional goalkeepers, we developed the unique fit of the glove. The unique knitted fabric on the backhand provides excellent support and flexibility.

A real next-generation goalkeeper glove!

Finger Type Negative cut
Size 8 up to 12
Latex + thickness German contact latex | 3.5 mm
Grip Properties Dry weather conditions to moderate rain
Wrist Closure Removable Short Elastic Strap (single wrap)
Anti Slip Inside the Glove Yes
Punch Zone Yes
Removable Fingersave No

The Grip - German Contact Latex

The ONEKEEPER Viper model optimizes grip across various weather conditions, ranging from dry weather to moderate rain, thanks to the premium German Contact Latex. This exceptional latex represents the highest tier of palm foam available for goalkeepers, renowned for its ability to deliver professional-grade grip in dry playing conditions while maintaining a high level of performance even in wet weather. In fact, professional goalkeepers rely on the unparalleled grip offered by the German Contact Latex during match days. 

Moreover, the German Contact Latex stands out for its remarkable robustness and long-lasting durability, surpassing other foams in terms of longevity. To ensure both optimal performance and longevity, the foam comes equipped with a protective plastic layer that requires prior removal. It is important to note that the removal process may take some time to complete, and therefore, it should be planned accordingly.

Finger Type - Flat Negative Cut

The negative cut, which stitches the palm and backhand seams from the inside, offers an excellent fit. This design ensures the gloves fit closely to the hands, providing enhanced comfort and a much tighter, snug fit. Moreover, it delivers greater sensitivity when in contact with the ball.

Many goalkeepers prefer the negative cut for its ability to offer a tighter and more precise fit. It excels in providing excellent finger-to-ball contact, resulting in improved grip and superior ball handling.

Combining the negative cut with the knitted fabric, results in a fantastic fit that truly enhances the overall glove experience.

The negative cut is particularly ideal for goalkeepers with slender hands or those who favor a tighter-fitting glove.

Wrist Closure - Short Elastic Band or Strapless

The ONEKEEPER Orion can be worn strapless or with a short elastic strap. This ensures that the goalkeeper glove gives extra support to your wrist.


Brace yourself for some serious grip action! With its revolutionary anti-slip feature, this glove takes goalkeeping to a new level. Say goodbye to sliding fingers and hello to unwavering control.

Picture this: you're sweating it out on the field, giving it your all. But fear not because the anti-slip inside the glove has got your back. Even when your hand is drenched in perspiration, this game-changer ensures a tight bond between your hand, the foam, and the ball. No more shifting or sliding when you go for that epic catch!

Rubber punch zone

This area is prone to impact when the goalkeeper forcefully punches the ball with a closed fist. The rubber punch zone enhances the effectiveness and safety of their clearances. By making contact with the ball using the reinforced area, the goalkeeper can generate more power and accuracy while minimizing the risk of discomfort or injury caused by the impact.

Additionally, the rubber punch zone can improve the grip and control of the ball when punching. The added texture or traction provided by the rubber material can help the goalkeeper achieve better contact and manipulation of the ball, ensuring a more effective clearance and reducing the chances of the ball slipping from their grasp.

Because we have further developed the punch zone, it does not hinder the movement of the glove.

Extra advice for a longer lifespan

Do you have a lot of wear/tear on the palm of your goalkeeper gloves?
This happens when you contact the (artificial) grass and push yourself off with your palm to get up. Avoid contact with your palm on the (artificial) grass as much as possible. Put yourself off with the outside of the gloves by making a fist. This ensures that your gloves last longer.


Do you have doubts about your size for the ONEKEEPER goalkeeper gloves? Then view our size chart in the attachments of this page above the available sizes. In 4 easy steps, you can determine your size and order your new ONEKEEPER goalkeeper gloves right away!

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact details at the bottom of the website.

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