ONEKEEPER Solid Black - Hybrid Cut
ONEKEEPER Solid Black - Hybrid Cut
ONEKEEPER Solid Black - Hybrid Cut
ONEKEEPER Solid Black - Hybrid Cut
ONEKEEPER Solid Black - Hybrid Cut
All Black Hybrid Cut Pro-Level Goalkeeper Gloves  for Youth and Adults - ONEKEEPER SOLID Black

All Black Hybrid Cut Pro-Level Goalkeeper Gloves for Youth and Adults - ONEKEEPER SOLID Black

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ONEKEEPER Solid All Black

The ONEKEEPER Solid goalkeeper gloves feature a unique FUSION FINGER TYPE, combining the best aspects of the traditional roll finger and flat finger designs. Additionally, it utilizes pro-German contact latex, specifically designed to provide exceptional grip.

Whether you're a seasoned goalkeeper or a passionate parent supporting your child's goalkeeping aspirations, these gloves deliver the reliability and protection you need.

Finger Type Fusion Cut
Size 8 up to 12
Latex + thickness German Contact Latex | 3.5 mm
Grip Properties Dry weather conditions to moderate rain
Wrist Closure Single Non-Elastic Strap (Single Wrap)
Anti Slip Inside the Glove Yes
Punch Zone Yes
Removable Fingersave



The unique fit of our gloves is developed in close collaboration with our team of professional goalkeepers. Crafted with the highest quality materials, our gloves are trusted by professional goalkeepers worldwide.


Dive into the game with unparalleled confidence and adaptability, courtesy of our ONEKEEPER Solid goalkeeper gloves featuring innovative removable finger-save spines. Unlike conventional gloves, these gloves put you in the driver's seat, allowing you to customize your level of protection and mobility. Equipped with designated pockets, the gloves enable effortless insertion or removal of finger-save spines tailored to your specific needs on the field. Enhance your defense with the spines for top-tier support against powerful shots, and when it's time to practice or demand unrestricted finger movement, take them out.


Our gloves feature a 3.5 mm German Contact Latex, setting a new standard for grip and durability. Designed for professional goalkeepers, this latex excels in dry conditions, delivering pro-grade grip, and performs exceptionally well even in wet weather. Experience ultimate ball control and confidence in every save.

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, the foam has a protective plastic layer that requires prior removal. It is important to note that the removal process may take some time to complete, and therefore, it should be planned accordingly.


Tired of fingers slipping inside the glove? Our gloves come equipped with anti-slip technology, ensuring a firm grip even in the heat of the game. Experience superior control as the anti-slip feature prevents your fingers from sliding, especially in damp conditions caused by perspiration during intense goalkeeping sessions.


Crafted with our exclusive Fusion finger type that seamlessly merges the strengths of traditional roll finger and flat finger designs. Featuring a unique half-round finger design at the top transitioning into a flat finger at the bottom, these gloves strike the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. The rounded part ensures optimal grip at the fingertips, instilling confidence in every save.


Introducing our advanced wrist closure technology designed for goalkeepers seeking unparalleled stability and support – a non-elastic single-strap system that ensures a secure fit without compromising flexibility. Unlike traditional elastic straps, our innovative design utilizes a buckle or Velcro closure system, eliminating excessive wrist movement during intense goalkeeper actions.

Ultimately, the choice between a bandage wrist closure and an elastic strap wrist closure depends on personal preference and the specific requirements of the goalkeeper. On one hand, some goalkeepers may prefer the customizable fit and maximum support of a bandage closure. On the other hand, others may prioritize the balance between support and flexibility offered by an elastic strap closure.


The strategically placed Rubber Punch Zone not only enhances your power and accuracy but also ensures maximum grip and control, enabling superior ball manipulation. Experience next-level performance and unmatched confidence as you clear the ball effortlessly while maintaining full mobility, all thanks to our expertly designed gloves.


Its primary mission? To make putting on your goalkeeper gloves a breeze.

Imagine this: you're getting ready for action, and the puller is here to lend a helping hand. It is designed to be gripped with your other hand, offering a convenient way to hold and stretch the glove's cuff while effortlessly sliding your hand inside.

You can easily expand the glove's opening with the puller. Gone are the days of struggling or feeling resistance when you slip your hand in. No more unnecessary tugs or strains that could jeopardize the integrity of your beloved gloves.


Do you have doubts about your size for the ONEKEEPER goalkeeper gloves? Then view our size chart in the attachments of this page above the available sizes. In 4 easy steps, you can immediately determine your size and order your new ONEKEEPER goalkeeper gloves!

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact details at the bottom of the website.

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